Cutting Club - Terms of Service
The Cutting Club, offers a free Internet-Community to circumcised men, enabling members of the Cutting Club to get into contact with other cut men. The Cutting Club is open to all gay or bisexual or elseways interested men, that are circumcised.
These Terms of Service (ToS) are the sole ToS regulating all offers and services provided by the cutting club.
They serve as a legal foundation for all actions between members and the Cutting Club.
There will be no exclusions or special treatments ever.
1.1Upon registration, each member accepts our valid ToS.
1.2Through registration, each member confirms that he has already been circumcised (the glans is no longer covered by foreskin).
1.3The member also acknowledges that he is of 18 years or older and that he knows about the erotic content provided, and that he will not feel offended by these contents. The age will be verified once upon registration by checking ID-details.
Alternatively you can also send a copy of your ID via email or to our postal adress. Our procedures concerning age verification may be adjusted due to legal regulations. Should we find out that a member is underage, we will without previous warning be able to delete mentioned user's account.
1.4We anticipate our members to be able to have access to our websites, we will not provide any required hardware etc. Each member should use IE version 6 (or higher) or mozilla firefox version 1 (or higher) with standard secrity settings.Cookies as well as Java have to be activated. We cannot guarentee for satisfactory access to our site in other cases.
1.5Each member has to give a valid email adress upon registration.Should this email-adress change any member has to make changes to his details,too.
2.Changing our appearance
The Cutting Club will at all times be allowed to make changes to our appearance as well as to the functions provided by the Cutting Club website. This includes changing or deleting current features as well as implementing new features. Therefore the Cutting Club does not need its members for agreement. Merely basic functions (profiles as well as mailboxes) are guaranteed for by the Cutting Club.
3.1The Cutting Club offers free, non commercially used accounts to its members. The necessary alias (username) is to be freely chosen by each member, as long as it goes along with legal regulations. You can only chose names that aren't taken already. There is no right to receive certain names though.
3.2Each member assures that all particulars are valid and have been made correctly. Especially adress, email and date of birth have to be valid. Should there be any changes to these date, you will have to change your details on here immediately as well.
3.3With uploading an image, our users affirm holding proper copyrights of that image. By uploading an image to the Cutting Club, the Cutting Club is allowed to use and utilise that image or graphic. Same goes for stories uploaded to the story compartment of the Cutting Club.
Members can recall usage rights under certain pressing conditions. This will have to happen in writing, either to our postal adress or via fax, at least 10 days prior to the end of a month. Each member is free to delete images from his profile at any time.
3.4Each member commits himself to stick to legal regulations, each member is self-responisble for the content he provides. Spreading animal- or child-porn as well as depictions of hate or violence will be reported to the police immediately.
3.5For accessing the members section you will receive a randomly generated password, which can be changed to a more personal password afterwards. Members are self responsible for chosing as well as keeping secret those passwords. Passing your account onwards to third persons is not allowed.
The Cutting Club is not responsible for misuse of accounts by third parties.
3.6Each member is only allowed to have only ONE account at the Cutting Club. Should we find out someone having more than one account, that person will be excluded permanently from the Cutting Club.
3.7Privacy is one of our most important duties, therefore we assert you that we will not pass your details onto third parties or publicate them elsewhere.(Exceptions can be made if a member asks for doing so) - we will stick to German privacy regulations.
4.Descriptions of membership grades
4.1Immediately after signing up to the Cutting Club, each member receives his free BASIC-membership. BASIC members can freely use many areas and functions (later to be called "services") of the Cutting Club website.BASIC accounts are free accounts.
4.2To have unlimited access to all services of the Cutting Club, members have to become PREMIUM members, which will be charged accordingly to our current tariffs. Upon turning a PREMIUM member, our users enable us to direct-debit the membership charges from your bank their bank accounts. Transferring the money yourself is only accepted for the first year of your membership.
Should a member not have access to a german bank account or should he wish to stay anonymous, we provide different ways of payment via third parties (which will be charged higher fees due to higher costs).
Upgrading from a BASIC to a PRemium account is possible at all times. You can have access to our tariffs and services at all times. All payments will be done and charged in EURO.
4.3Each member is responsible for his bank account, should we not be able to debit our membership fees from your account or should the account no longer exist, all extra costs will be paid for by the member himself. We will therefore charge a lump sum of 25,00 Euro. Additionally the Cutting Club is allowed to cancel accounts if debiting fees is impossible.
4.4Members are only entitled to sum up costs if its claims have been established on a legal basis.
4.5Using PREMIUM features is possible from the moment only, when your fees have been transferred and booked to our account correctly, members also have to certify being above 18 years of age. Clearing of accounts will be done withing five weekdays after all other conditions have been fulfilled.
5.External Accounts
5.1Should the Cutting Club enable users of external accounts to have access to the Cutting Club, these users agree to the fact that we will save your user data, especially username & password, to the Cutting Club database. We will not pass those information onto others.
5.2Th Cutting Club is not responsible for the availability of external provider's accounts. Ceteris paribus, concern regulations provided in number 8 of our ToS.
5.3Members are self responsible to meet an external provider's regulations.
5.4The Cutting Club is entitled to end external account's access to our pages at any time without giving specific reasons. Members will not have any claims for compensation in this case.
6.Cancelling your account
6.1BASIC memberships are valid for unlimited time, but members are to log in at least once in six months. Should members fail to do so, the Cutting Club may cancel those accounts without prior information. BASIC memberships can be cancelled by deleting your account at any time.
6.2Each PREMIUM membership starts at the moment of paying for your membership fees and will last until the 31st of december of each year. Memberships will automatically extend for one more year, shouldn't you send in a cancellation at least three months prior to the end of the year.
Cancelling can only be done via "My Account" -> "Cancel Account". You will then receive an affirmation which you must keep and show upon demand.
6.3The Cutting Club may cancel accounts without a certain time limit for important reasons. Those important reasons may for example be, that a member has lied upon registration (or any later period in time) about his personal information, if a user goes financially bankrupt or should we not be able to withdraw our membership fees from a user's account.
6.4After an account has expired, we will retrict your access to our website. The Cutting Club is entitled to delete all of the user's data. Users do not have any claims of receiving copies of any data created at our sites.
6.5Should a PREMIUM member's account be ended before the end of a year, a user is not entitled to receive a refund of his membership fees, even though they have to be paid for in advance. (pro rata temporis).
7.1All members are to be treated with respect and politeness.
7.2All members have to behave according to rules given by administration personell.
7.3It is strictly forbidden to advertise goods or services of any sorts via the websites of the Cutting Club, especially advertising competing products and services. It is also forbidden to poach our members towards other websites. Violation of these rules will be prosecuted.
Therefore all messages or mails containing non-private "chat" will be prohibited.
8.Availability, Liabilities & Final Orders
8.1The Cutting Club is always bothered to have our websites available, but this cannot be guaranteed due to external problems that may occur. Members are not entlitled to receive any refund, except for cases in which the Cutting Club has intentionally or negligently caused this site to not be available or malfunction. The Cutting Club may also restrict its services or to discontinue its services completely; users will not have any titles to receive paybacks though.
8.2The Cutting Club may not be made responsible for any harm that is directly or indirectly caused by using our services.
8.3The Cutting Club website contains links to other external websites and resources whose contents we do neither control nor supervise. Therefore we distance ourselves from all linked pages' contents.This declaration is to be effective for all links leading away from the Cutting Club as well as for all links our banners lead to.
8.4Our Terms of Service may be changed by the Cutting Club at any given time. We will inform our members about this at an adequate point in time, informing members about the changes that are about to be made as well as about the fact taht any member that does not contradict will accept our new terms. Should a member contradict to our changes, his account will be cancelled.
8.5Violations against our Terms of Service can lead to the exclusion from our Cutting Club as well as penal or civil right prosecution.Any fees paid for in advance will not be refunded.
8.6Should some of these clauses be invalid,all other clauses will not be affected. This goes for a gap in our ToS as well.
8.7All business relations between the Cutting Club and its members are based on laws of the Republic of Indonesia, except for regulations linked to the implementation of other states' rights.
Adress for service and place of fulfillment are the domicile of the Cutting Club.