Beschneidung, lass Dich beschneiden, alles Über Beschneidung, Zirkumzision, Beschneidung beim Mann,Du bist beschnitten? Nirgendwo anders findest Du so viele schwule beschnittene Typen wie im Cutting Club. Außerdem: Bildergalerien, Treffen, Partys, Chats u.v.m.

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[69 with a travel acquaintance]
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[Since I am a grower, the doc was afraid to circumcise too tightly ...]
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[Help, my penis is smaller since circumcision!]
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EURO CIRC publishes leaflets on foreskin circumcision
All leaflets are aimed at men and parents as aid in the decision-making process and can be downloaded free of charge.
We also highly welcome your contribution to discussions! Simply use your Cutting Club member name and password to log into the EURO CIRC forum. [here]
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25 Foreskin-Free Years

The Cutting Club is celebrating our 25th anniversary. From a handful of people to a large cut fan community of thousands of members.
We are proud of what we have achieved together and grateful for your loyalty!
We are busy right now developing many new features and are looking forward to next year's Cutting Club 2.0. Here's to the next 25 years!
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